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Hi guys

Welcome to my page, i'm glad you found me :meow:
Feel free to check out my art and leave a comment if you like or add my pics to your favorites ^^

If you got questions ask me, i won't bide XD
My Deviantart Chatroom, come and join (but i won't be on there much though ^^; )…

My account: Goal20


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Holy sh*t....this is just...i don't have words... *nerdgasm*…

Tagged by :icondaskillerfussel:

my four OC's are: 

-How old are you?

Jenny: I am 22 years old!

Fuan: 20...why do you want to know?

Me: Because of the interview, now just answer the questions...

Fuan: Hmpf...if i have to *arms crossed* But make it quick!

Darren: 23 *wink*

Finscéal: Right now i'm 20!

-Do you want a hug?

Jenny: Sure why not :D

Fuan: No do i look like it?! *evil stare*

Me: Ok ok...just please don't kill anyone ok... ^^;

Darren: Of cause, come here babe~ *grins*

Me: Oh shush...go back in your corner! >:T

Finscéal: Yes please! ; u ;

-Any bad habits?

Jenny: Huh? Let me think about it...

Me: Yes you do...the same as me to ba exact <.<

Jenny: Really? And wha are yours?

Me: Well...being lazy, sleep for to long....hey wait this is not my interview! DX

Jenny: Hehe sorry ;P 

Fuan: I don't have one!

Me: Yes you do...your a liar.. =3=

Fuan: SHUT UP!! 

Darren: I

Me: You flirt to much mister... :T

Finscéal: N-no? ; w ;

Me: es you don't have one...well maybe you are to shy but that is sho cute *hugs*

-Are you a virgin?

Jenny: Don't ask questions like this.... < n <

Me: Just answer, it isn't that hard *sigh*

Jenny: i'm not ok?! =3=

Fuan: Nope~

Darren: Of cause not *grin*

Finscéal: Yes ; u ;

-Have any kids?

Jenny: Nope, none that i can think of xD

Fuan: Of cause not! I don't like kids!

Darren: No and i don't think i want some!

Finscéal: No...but i hope to have some one day! ; v ;

-How do you feel about your creator?

Jenny: I like her, but she should be more active sometimes *sigh*

Me: Hey... T n T You know i do my best...

Fuan: She is really annoying most of the time and won't leave me alone...just like right now!!

Me: But...but...i thought you like me DX Now i feel kinda sad...

Darren: I like her a lot, why wouldn't i? I love every girl~ 

Me *sigh* He is hopeless...

Finscéal: She is so nice everytime and she cares for others a lot! That's just one thing i really like about her!

Me: Awww i like you too Fin! T u T *hugs*

-Killed anyone?

Jenny: Yes....and i'm not proud about it...but i need to kill one more person though! *evil grin*

Me: Hey don't tell so much about your story yet...i still need to write it! D: <

Fuan: Yes i have and i love it~

Me: You are really scary sometimes.... ono"

Darren: Yes i did, he was really annoying and he tried to flirt with my girl!

Me: You don't have a girl...

Darren: I meant the cute little chick from the bar and her stupid boyfriend wanted to disturb us...rude don't you think?

Me: .....i don't have words for this... =n="

Finscéal: No...i don't think so..i hope i'm sad T n T

Me: I'm sorry hun~ Don't feel sad, you don't killed anyone! *huggle*

-Hate anyone?

Jenny: YES!!! WITH ALL MY PASSION!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! *throws things around*

Me: WAH! HELP!! *runs*

Fuan: EVERYONE!!! Especial annoying ppl! 

Darren: Other men...they should stay away from me if they don't want to get hurt!

Finscéal: Well there is this one guy...but i don't really hate him...i just don't like him that much ^^;

-Any secrets?

Jenny: Yes and that will stay that way!

Fuan: Yes, if you want to know them i have to kill you~

Me: No thanks...i'm good... =u="

Darren: Yes, everyone does, doesn't they?

Me: True that!

Finscéal: No i don't like secrets!

Me&Darren: Well  guess we were wrong... o3o

-Do you love anyone?

Jenny: Yes, i love my babe Chaos~ <3

Fuan: No....well maybe...but he doesn't care for me so what!

Darren: Of cause, all the girls out there *blows kiss* 

Me: Oh boy.... *sigh*

Finscéal: Well i don't have anyone yet...but hopefully i will find someone~

-What is your job?

Jenny: I'm a mage at Fairy Tail!

Fuan: Also a mage, but i'm from Nightmare Massacre!

Darren: I'm a pirate and Ship's carpenter!

Finscéal: I'm a mechanic~

Favorite season?

Jenny: Autumn or Winter

Fuan: Winter

Darren: Summer!!! All the girls in there bathing suits or Bikinis!!!!! 

Me: I knew that....

Finscéal: I love Spring~

-Who is your best friend?

Jenny: Well i have a lot of best friend is Gajeel and i also really like Laxus, than there is Mirajane and Levy...oh and i love to do some training with Erza~

Fuan: Nobody...i don't have friends!

Darren: Everybody who is nice to me, especially if it's a girl~

Finscéal: I think that would be Keira, Dexter and Jak!

-Have any hobbies?

Jenny: I love to draw, doing my training, hanging out with friends and a lot more!

Fuan: Killin ppl~

Me: That...that isn't exactly a hobby...or is it? T n T

Darren: I like to work on a ship and repare it or hanging out in a bar to meet cute girls~

Finscéal: I work on some machinery or just hang out with my friends~

-What are you planning to do when this tag is over?

Jenny: I will go back to the guild and taking an other mission....i need money!

Fuan: I don't know yet and i don't know why i should tell you!

Darren: Go back to my ship i guess or maybe is there a bar nearby?

Me: Just go back to your ship please...

Darren: or i could do somethig with my creator~

Me: NO THANKS!!! > :T

Finscéal: Going back to my friends~

-What is your eye color?

Jenny: Dark brown

Fuan: Gold!

Darren: .....

Me: Hey what's the matter?

Darren: Nothin...

Me: Than just tell them that your eye color is purple

Darren: Ok ok...but it's not girly!!!!!

Finscéal: It's a green/gray mix i guess

-Are you good or bad?

Jenny: Good i think

Fuan: Bad of cause~ *smirk*

Darren: I'm good...even if some ppl say i'm bad...but hey some girls love bad boys right?!~

Me *sigh*

Finscéal: Good...i don't like bad ppl! > n <

-If you could get anything right now what would it be?

Jenny: My babe Chaos right here next to me!!~ I miss you!

Fuan: A lot of things, but i can just get them easily though

Darren: A lot of money, some hot girls...

Me: Shut won't get any of this... *sigh* ..can't you just be normal?!

Finscéal: I don't know...i think i have everything i could wish for~

-What is your greatest fear?

Jenny: .....i won't tell :T

Fuan: Nothing!

Darren: I don't have one...nope...don't have it...nope nope nope...

Me: Hehe...he is actually afraid of talking to girls~

Darren: WHA- ??? THAT'S NOT TRUE!!! *blushes*

Me: Oh just admit it, you are not so tough like you always say!

Darren: Oh leave me alone... =n=

Finscéal: To lose all my friends!!! D:

-Does your name have a special meaning?

Jenny: I don't think so...well my creator said Jennifer means something like smooth, white or holy...and Kagayaki means glowing or something...idk

Fuan: My name means fear (Fuan) and darkness (Kurayami)

Darren: I don't think so actually...

Finscéal: My name means legend~

-Any siblings?

Jenny: No i don't think so...

Fuan: Yes i have a brother

Darren: Nope

Finscéal: No i don't have bad actually, i would love to have a brother or a sister though

-Where do you live?

Jenny: I live in a small apartment in Fiore

Fuan: I live here and there, where every i need to go

Darren: I live on my ship

Finscéal: I have a small apartment, nothing much but i like it!

-What is your favorite manga?

Jenny: That would be Fairy Tail...duh :XD:

Fuan: Death Note

Darren: One Piece?

Finscéal: I like a lot..but i have never time to read though

-What is your battle, sad, ect.. theme song(s)? (Some of them aren't "battle" themes..)

Jenny: I don't have a theme...

Fuan: Me neither...

Darren: Same...

Finscéal: I don't like sad songs...and i don't need a battle song...

-What kind of animal do you wanna be?

Jenny: A Dragon~ Or maybe a Phoenix

Fuan: A black widow~

Darren: A lion! Or a wolf

Finscéal: Hmmm i don't know...

-This interview is over! Any last words?

Jenny: It was fun though...i think...but now back to my guild getting a mission~

Fuan: Finally *leaves*

Darren: Thanks for asking me time don't tell them my secrets... :T

Me: Hehe~ Sorry next time i won't say anything ;P

Finscéal: It was fun! Hope we can do something like this again please?!~ Oh and...could you draw me more often? ; u ;

Me: Of cause i will draw you more from now on! ; w ; Sooo good bye ppl!

I tag: 







and everyone else who wants to do it~

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