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Hi guys!!
Welcome to my page, i'm glad you found me :meow:
Feel free to check out my art and leave a comment if you like or add my pics to your favorites ^^ (though i might not upload anything in some the future now because of reasons)

If you got questions ask me, i won't bide XD (seriously just note me xD)

My account: Goal20


Art trades: OPEN (for everyone)
Commissions: OPEN (… )

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I got tagged by my sweet lil :iconsilversparkz155: to do this but i don't have as many OCs to choose from sooooo....
i'll just randomly picked 10 of my watcher and friends :D
This will be interesting and hopefully fun!
And sorry if i don't get your personalities right, i'm just typing how i would imagine you guys would act XDD
Hey it's just for fun right? ;P
Now here we go!

-Choose 10 of your OC's
-Answer the questions
-Then tag 3 people

1. :iconhaoticalliesa:
2. :iconakikiri:
3. :iconfairycrystal:
4. :iconbanz21: (muhahaha yes you are in it too honey~ <3 )
5. :iconn-yanime:
6. :iconxxxkayaxxx:
7. :iconsilversparkz155:
8. :icongoal21: (yup i include myself as well xD)
9. :iconlorenorkerstinxx:
10. :iconravashine14:

1.) 3, 7, 4, and 9 go ice skating. What happens?
:iconbanz21: *goes on the ice and almost falls down* How do i do this?! *slowly glides on the edge of the ice rink*
:iconfairycrystal: :Let me show you how this is done! *almost jumps onto the ice, skating like a boss and doing all kinds of tricks*
:iconsilversparkz155: :W-wait for me everyone *slowly gets on the ice, trying to get to the others*
:iconlorenorkerstinxx: :This'll be fun guys! Lets do a race! *starts to skate around the ice rink*

2.) Its Christmas!!! 5 throws a christmas party and invites three people of choice. Who does he/she invite? What happens?
:iconn-yanime: *invites :icongoal21: :iconbanz21: :iconsilversparkz155: over* Now lets get this party started guys!! *throws balloons and everything trough the air*
:icongoal21: :Awwww yeah! This will be the greatest party ever!!! *jumps on the table, starting to sing christmas songs*
:iconbanz21: :Don't overdo it you two... *sigh and opens up his first present*
:iconsilversparkz155: :It's good that everyone is having fun though *smiles, drinking some tea while watching the others*

3.) 6 catches 2 dancing/singing to the 'spice girls'. What's 6's reaction?
:iconxxxkayaxxx: *get a video camera to film :iconakikiri: * Oh this is going to be so good! *smirks*

4.) 1 and 10 are stuck in a janitor's closet. How the crap did they get in there?
:iconhaoticalliesa: :How the hell did we get stuck in here?!
:iconravashine14: :Lets just say things didn't went as they should have been... *sigh*

5.) 4 confesses his/her love for 8. What happens?
:iconbanz21: :I love you for ever my sweet lil girl~ <3
:icongoal21: :Yes i will also love you for ever and always!!~ <3 *both huggle*

(OMG it actually worked out that my bf confessed his love to me, i just randomly put everyone at a number xDDD)

6.) 3 walks in to see 6 and 7 making out in 3's closet.. What is their reactions?
:iconfairycrystal: :Dafuq are you two doing here? And how did you get in my closet?! 
:iconxxxkayaxxx: :Oh it's a fun lil story i can tell you that *smirks holding 7 in her arms*
:iconsilversparkz155: :Please let me go already... *sniffles*

7.) 9 and 5 have an argument that soon turns into a fist fight. How did it start? And How does 2 try to break it up?
:iconlorenorkerstinxx: :I dare you to say that again to my face!! *holds 5 by the collar*
:iconn-yanime: :MY IZAYA IS WAY BETTER THEN YOUR WEIRD ZORO GUY!!! *both started throwing punches again*
:iconakikiri: :Why should i stop them? It's fun to watch *gets popcorn*

8.)  6 and 7 are getting married! But 8 is in love with 7. What does 8 do?
:iconxxxkayaxxx: *waiting for her bride to come*
:iconsilversparkz155: *to shy and scared to come out* Do i have to do this?!
:icongoal21: :No you don't have to do it sweety *hugs her* The wedding is off!

9.) You hear a knock on your door. You open it to see every one of your OC's bursting in to your home. What do you do?

10.) 2 admits to you that he/she killed 9. What do you do?
:icongoal21: SISSY HOW COULD YOU?!?! *speechless*
:iconakikiri: :Well it was an accident *hides knife behind her back with a smirk*

11.)  Everyone gathers for a movie night. What movie do they watch and what goes on?
As i said we wold watch all kinds of different movies and just have a great time :3

12.) 4 and 5 have a karaoke contest. What happens? Who wins?
:iconn-yanime: :I WIN OF COURSE BECAUSE I'M AWESOME! *smiles proudly*
:iconbanz21: :Yeah i just let her win *shrugs*

13.) If you could meet any of your OC's, who would you choose?

14.) 10, 2, 3, 5, and 9 go to the zoo for the day.. What nonsense do they get into?
:iconravashine14: :Lets go and see the tigers! *walks off*
:iconakikiri: :Yes that sounds good! *followes her*
:iconfairycrystal: :I'm going to see the penguins! *runs off*
:iconn-yanime: I'm looking for something else *smirks and gets a camera* (hehe can you guess what i mean by that? >u<)
:iconlorenorkerstinxx: :Well then, i just go with 3 *shrugs and follows 3*

15.) 7, 1, and 4 see a rainbow and decide to try and find the leprechaun with the pot of gold. Do they succeed in their mission?
:iconsilversparkz155: :I'm not sure if this is a good idea...
:iconhaoticalliesa: :FOLLOW ME EVERYONE! WE WILL GET THAT GOLD IN NO TIME!!! *proudly walks off to follow the rainbow*
:iconbanz21: :You do know that there is no such thing like that right? *looks unamused*

16.) 1 and 2 are stuck in Australia somehow. How do they get out?... Or do they?
:iconhaoticalliesa: :How did we end up here? In the middle of nowhere?!
:iconakikiri: :I don't know but i'm sure we will find a way out of here soon! *starts walking as if nothing happened*

17.)  5 discovers 7 drawing a Yaoi picture of 5 and 1. What does 5 do?
:iconn-yanime: No you should draw it more like this, or maybe add an other character as well! *totally excited about it*
:iconsilversparkz155: :Well if you say so *starts drawing what 5 is telling her*

18.) 6, 8, 9, 10, and 4 go to a Lady Gaga concert. What happens?
:iconbanz21: :Why are we here?! *stands in the corner*
:iconxxxkayaxxx: :I don't know *shrugs*
:icongoal21: :WHOS IDEA WAS THIS?!?!?! *annoyingly sighed*
:iconlorenorkerstinxx: :Well then...should we just go now?
:iconravashine14: :Yeah lets get out of here!
*everyone leaves again*

19.) Everyone is mad at you! What did you do? How will you get them to forgive you?

20.) 4 and 3 play a prank on 10. What do they do?
:iconfairycrystal: Oh this will be fun! *hiding behind a corner*
:iconbanz21: You sure this will work? *hiding with her and watching the door to the bathroom*
:iconravashine14: *comes out of the bathroom with purple hair* Well this isn't too bad actually
:iconfairycrystal: & :iconbanz21: :Welp this didn't work out as planed...

21.) Now that this Meme is over, what will you all do?

Now i tag....
everyone who got included in this one xDD
But only if you want to do it, you don't have to of course! :meow: 
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Even for 1 :points: i'm more than happy about!! >w<

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Thank you very much for the :+fav:s on my Fairy Tail pictures! :D
Goal21 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
You are most welcome! Your art is really amazing and Fairy Tail is
my no 1 Anime :D
even though i haven't uploaded anything FT related lately ^^;
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How is it going?
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XD that's my favorite emoticon thing. :la:

I'm okay. I'm getting ready to go to sleep. >_> i have serious art block. How are you?
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same here :XD: :la:

And i just went to sleep not long after my comment, sorry 'bout that vuv"
And yeah i kinda get into having art block myself :T
Other then that i'm ok i guess ^^
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